The resource page is a place to find different products that can help you with your game. Whether it’s baseball gear, strength & conditioning equipment, or books to help your mental game, you can find it here.

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Baseball Books

  • The Mental Game of Baseball: As Yogi Berra said, “Ninety percent of the game is half mental.” This book will help you learn and develop a solid mental approach to baseball so that you can raise your game to another level.
  • The Mental ABC’s of Pitching: My high school coach introduced me to this book, and I constantly referred to it throughout my playing career in college and indy ball. If you are a pitcher, this book is a must-have resource.
  • The Mental Keys to Hitting: From the same author of the “Mental” books listed above, this particular book is all about the mental side of hitting. Don’t just step in the batter’s box and hope for success. This book will help you focus on the approach to hitting, not just the end result.
  • Mind Gym: While this book is not a baseball-specific book, it is a sports psychology book. It’s a quick read and will give you valuable examples of how athletes from different sports use visualization to prepare for competition, how they develop mental toughness, and how to avoid paralysis by analysis.
  • Dare to Hit .400: Written by Michigan State Head Baseball Coach Jake Boss, this book will reinforce the fundamentals of hitting as well as review the importance of attitude and visualization in becoming a better hitter.

Strength & Conditioning

  • Baseball Training Methods:  Whether you are a young ballplayer, a coach, or the parent of an aspiring athlete, Baseball Training Methods will give you the foundation you need to learn and implement a year-long baseball specific strength & conditioning program.
  • TRX Suspension Trainer: The TRX is a versatile piece of strength & conditioning equipment. Great for performing body weight exercises and easy to travel with when you are looking to get your training sessions done on the road.
  • Crossover Symmetry: It doesn’t matter if you are a pitcher or position player, you need to take care of your arm. Crossover Symmetry is a band resistance system with a program designed to strengthen and protect that throwing arm.
  • Resistance Bands: Basic resistance bands for strengthening the shoulder as well as priming the rotator cuff prior to throwing. You can use these bands to perform the exercises described in ARMing for Success.

Baseball Gear

  • Baseball Express: If you are looking to find quality baseball equipment online, Baseball Express is the ultimate source.
  • Rawlings Gear: Rawlings is one of the best baseball brands in the world. Enough said.