Long Toss

Off-Season Throwing Programs on #PitchingChat Podcast

I join Josh Boggs on the #PitchingChat Podcast and discuss off-season throwing programs – how to set them up, when to start, and how to use long toss the right way.

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Baseball Showcase

To Attend or Not to Attend Baseball Showcases and Camps?

Baseball showcases and camps are everywhere these days. How do players and parents know which showcases and camps offer the best value and are worth attending? Check out these tips to help you out.

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Baseball Training

12-Week In-Season Baseball Training Program

This 12-week in-season baseball training program will help you maintain your off-season gains, maximize your recovery, and reduce your risk of injury.

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NCAA Baseball

College Baseball Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

High school baseball players and parents make a lot of mistakes during the college baseball recruiting process.  Here’s the top four and how to avoid them. (Click the image to download the PDF)

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ARMing for Success: A Guide to Shoulder Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

ARMing for Success

ARMing for Success will teach baseball players shoulder band exercises, long toss, dynamic warm-up movements, and baseball conditioning drills.

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TRX for Baseball

Time Efficient TRX Baseball Workout

So you are strapped for time, but want don’t want to miss your training session. Try this time efficient TRX baseball workout so you can keep yourself on track.

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