Baseball Content You Should Be Reading

Baseball Blogs You Should be Reading

Every baseball player and coach should always be striving to learn more about the game.  There are so many aspects to this seemingly simple game that it’s easy to get lost in all in the information out there.  Well, here’s a short list of websites you should be visiting on a regular basis to expand your knowledge of the game of baseball.  By no means is this a definitive list.  Rather, these are some of the best places to go for information on how to improve your game or learn more about the world of baseball.

Eric Cressey –

Eric Cressey is a strength and conditioning coach who is best known for his work with baseball players.  He is the president and co-founder of Cressey Performance in Massachusetts, and he constantly delivers great strength and conditioning information through his blog.  His blog touches on a number of things regarding strength and conditioning, so if you are looking strictly for baseball-related information, check out his page for Baseball Content only.

Steven Ellis –

Want to learn more about pitching?  This is the site to visit.  Steven Ellis has built a huge following by delivering quality information about how to be a better pitcher.  His site is filled with blog posts, how-to articles, videos, and even a forum where pitchers, coaches, and parents can gather in an online community to share information about pitching.

Michael Schlact –

It’s always great to share information about how to be a better ballplayer or coach, but it’s also important to learn about the game and the people who make it fun to watch.  Michael Schlact is a former Texas Rangers prospect who is now a free agent.  Through his blog, he documents his quest to continue playing the game he loves.  Every player should read Schlact’s posts to gain an understanding of what it means to play the game professionally.  Want more of Schlact?  Follow him on Twitter too!

Minor League University –

Like I stated previously, it’s always good to learn about the life of a baseball player.  Suffice it to say, Minor League U is an all-access pass into the clubhouses of college and minor league baseball teams through the eyes of the guys living the dream.  Though he posts under the pen name Scotty Smalls, the articles are very well-written and provide an accurate and humorous journey into the life of aspiring ballplayers.  Check ’em out on Twitter too.  And if you don’t know who Scotty Smalls is, then you may not be a real ballplayer.

College Baseball Daily –

So, now you know where to go for skills and drills, and you have few places to learn more about living life between the foul lines.  Well, you’re still a fan of the game so you still need to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information regarding teams and players, right?  If you like following college baseball, then College Baseball Daily is the place to go to for all NCAA action.  The staff over there does a great job of following a variety of conferences, interviewing coaches, and providing top prospect information.

Domingo Beisbol –

Domingo Ayala has bolted onto the baseball scene over the last 6 months, dominating the internet with his instructional baseball videos.  As a 7-time Infielder of the Year and 6-time Outfielder of the Year, Domingo uses his God-given talent and knowledge to teach various aspects of the game to the younger generation.  His support and encouragement are unparalleled, and if you apply what he teaches to your own game, your semi-pro skills will be a thing of the past.  For the latest Domingo news, find him on Facebook.

As noted before, this is not a definitive list, and there is a chance more could be added in the future.  I hope you enjoy these resources to help you learn the game, enjoy the game, and love the game.  Let us know some other baseball-related websites that you like by posting a comment below.

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Phil Tognetti, CSCS, is the founder and editor of The Full Windup. He has written the eBook ARMing for Success which teaches players and coaches how to set up a proper throwing program. You can learn more about him here and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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