Baseball-related Articles You Should Read

Baseball Parents

Here’s a recommended list of reading for coaches, players, and parents:

Mike Matheny Letter to Parents – Mike Matheny is a former Major League ballplayer that is now the head coach of the St. Louis Cardinals.  After Matheny retired from playing and before he picked up the reigns of the World Champion Cardinals, he decided to coach his sons’ youth baseball team.  This link will take you the letter he wrote the parents of his players prior to the start of the season.  If you are a coach, you need to establish a set of ground rules for the parents who often times think it’s all about them.  If you are a parent, you must not read this only once, but many, many times.  Let the kids PLAY!

Opening Day Musings: Are You Willing to Put in the Work? – This article comes from Eric Cressey and really addresses a player’s desire, passion, and enthusiasm.  As Cressey says himself in the article, “It isn’t just about showing up.”  As a player, if you have any dreams of playing at the next level, you need to read this article and see what it takes.

Infield Fly Rule – This article can be found right here on the Full Windup website, but has been pushed far back into the archives.  The Rulebook Guru taught us a little lesson on the Infield Fly Rule and all of its intricacies.  Coaches and players should go back and make sure they know the rules of the game.

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