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2011 ALDS - MLB Playoffs

Just a quick post today.

Chances are your season ended with the coming of fall, and you have been playing a fall sport and/or watching more college and pro football than baseball.  Well, you are missing an exciting postseason.  Not only are some of the best games being played now, but there is so much to learn by just watching the best players and coaches in the game take to the field.

No player or coach knows everything about the game, so there is always room to learn more and become a better coach or player.  With the coming of the playoffs, comes a rise in the level of intensity that allows younger athletes a chance to see how the big leaguers perform under pressure.  Every angle of every game is analyzed and re-analyzed.  And while the commentators are not always the best, they provide constant in-game breakdown of plays and decision making that can help you think about the game from a different angle.  You should try to take one new piece of information away from each game (or inning).  Imagine what that new knowledge could do for your own game.

So whether you are a coach or a player, if you want to learn more about the game of baseball you should be watching the MLB postseason not only for entertainment value, but for the valuable instruction it can provide to help you take your game to the next level.

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