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Baseball Stuff You Should Read: 11/16/12

I want to make sure that you are learning the game of baseball from numerous sources. By no means should you narrow your scope of knowledge and reading to just one source. That being said, every once in a while I will try to bring your attention to articles, discussions, or resources that I believe can either help your game or at the very least make you think about a specific baseball approach.

So, here is quick list of baseball stuff you should read:

Next Level Ballplayer Interview with Brandon Phillips: I recently found Next Level Ballplayer through a college teammate. The creator and author of the site, David Franco, does an amazing job of interviewing college coaches, pro players, and other baseball authorities. In this particular interview with the Reds’ Brandon Phillips, Franco learns all about what makes Phillips tick. From his mindset at the plate to setting goals, this is a fun read for the ballplayer who wants to learn from a Major Leaguer.

Overuse is Not the Problem: Undertraining is the Devil: This article is from Kyle Boddy over at Driveline Baseball. It’s an interesting read on training pitchers – from weighted baseballs to whether or not to take time off from throwing. Kyle makes the case that pitching injuries are the result of kids being undertrained, not overused. Give the article a read and decide for yourself.

Strike One: This is a previous post here on Full Windup discussing first pitch strikes. Bottom line, pitchers who do not throw first pitch strikes get killed. Learn the statistics and the mental side of strike one.

What are you reading right now? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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