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Baseball Stuff You Should Read: 12/14/12

Here’s the latest installment of baseball stuff you should read for December:

The Origin of Throwing Programs + Mechanical Myth – I recently received an email from Alan Jaeger saying he had recently published a new article regarding the origin of the 120-foot throwing program, and why placing restrictions on an arm (especially a Long Toss arm) can be very detrimental.  I gave it a read and the first thing I thought was that I need to get this out to every baseball player and coach I know.  If you read just one thing today, make it this article.

Crossfit for Baseball? – With the rise in popularity of Crossfit, many baseball players and other athletes have turned to strength and conditioning professionals to find out if Crossfit is a good training option for them.  In this particular article, Eric Cressey breaks it all down and helps baseball players, parents, and coaches understand why Crossfit is not a good idea for ballplayers.

Alcohol and Performance – Alcohol plays a big part in our culture.  But how does it affect your playing ability?  In this short article I wrote a while back, you’ll learn about a research study that reported alcohol can have negative effects on athletic performance nearly 60 hours after consumption.  Definitely a must read for high school and college ballplayers.


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