What is the 21 Day Challenge?

21 Days to Building a Better Ballplayer is a 21-day series of posts here at The Full Windup designed to walk you through 21 tasks that you can do to make yourself a better baseball player. Or, if you are a coach, 21 tasks you can implement with your players to help them raise their game to the next level. You can read more about the start of the project in the prelude to the challenge.

How it Works

For the 21 days leading up to the start of the 2012 college and high school baseball seasons, I will make a post here on The Full Windup that is part of the challenge.

Posts will be designed to have two aspects to them:

  1. Teaching – a topic that discusses a tip or drill to help you improve your game
  2. A task for you to complete related to the topic at hand
It’s in your best interest to not just read the posts, but to actually take action and complete the tasks.  There is a difference between having information and using the information you have.

Quick Reference to Articles Already Posted

Day 1 – Define Your Mission Statement
Day 2 – Write Down Your Goals
Day 3 – Find a Training Partner
Day 4 – Talk to Your Coach
Day 5 – Use Video to Help Your Game
Day 6 – Defense, Defense, Defense
Day 7 – Train Your Vision
Day 8 – Warm-up Dynamically
Day 9 – Read a Baseball Book
Day 10 – Help Someone Else
Day 11 – Stop Going Through the Motions
Day 12 – Use a Batting Tee
Day 13 – Start a Strength Training Program
Day 14 – Pick Your Teammate’s Brain
Day 15 – Protect Your Shoulder
Day 16 – Prepare Mentally
Day 17 – Eat for Success
Day 18 – Conditioning for Baseball: Don’t Jog, Sprint
Day 19 – Scout Your Opponents
Day 20 – Throwing for Strength and Conditioning
Day 21 – Be Consistent