Baseball Mission Statement

Define Your Mission Statement

Your first task in the 21 Days to Building a Better Ballplayer Challenge is to define your mission statement.

Mission statements are usually used by businesses to define why they are in business. What are they trying to accomplish? What are they working towards? Why are they in business?

How does this relate to you as a ballplayer? At its most basic level, a mission statement will help you recognize your reason for playing the game of baseball. So, take some time today (or this week) to answer this question:

“Why do I play baseball?”

What are your motivations? As you begin to answer this question, make sure to be honest with yourself as you will find yourself reflecting back on your mission when you are practicing, training, and making sacrifices to become a better ballplayer.

Some examples of mission statements might include:
-I play baseball to have fun.
-I play baseball because I love sports.
-I play baseball to help me relax and get away from everything.
-I play baseball to meet cute girls.
-I play baseball to get a scholarship for college.
-I play baseball to make friends.
-I play baseball because I want to be a big leaguer and make lots of money.
-I play baseball because I want to be the best that ever played the game.

These are just a few examples. They may or may not reflect your mission as a ballplayer, and some might not have such simple answers. You may play for a variety of reasons. Whatever they may be, write them down in one or two simple sentences.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and your answer may be completely different than another person who plays the game. But, whatever your motivations for playing the game, your task right now is to define it.

Knowing what your mission is will help you set up a game plan for reaching your mission. Don’t think to specific just yet. Simply look at the big picture and nail down your core motivations for playing the game.

So, what is your mission? Why do you play baseball? Tell us in the comments.

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Phil Tognetti, CSCS

Phil Tognetti, CSCS, is the founder and editor of The Full Windup. He has written the eBook ARMing for Success which teaches players and coaches how to set up a proper throwing program. You can learn more about him here and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.