Eat for Success

It’s now Day 17 of 21 Days to Building a Better Ballplayer.  Today’s task is to start eating for success.

Think of your body like a classic car.  Just as a classic car owner would work to keep his vehicle’s body looking pristine and in great condition, you have practiced and trained in order to make sure your body is a well-oiled machine that can take on the demands of the game.  Do you think that same car owner would use a low-grade fuel when it came time to put gas in the tank?  Most likely not.  So why would you put low-grade fuel in your body?

Start with the Basics

Baseball players often overlook nutrition as a key aspect that can help them perform on the baseball diamond.  But the truth is, a solid nutrition plan can drastically change how you feel and the way your body responds and adapts to practices and training sessions.  Some ballplayers know this better than others, usually as they get older and progress from one level to the next.  Well, today is the day you stop making excuses and start learning what it takes to fuel your body the right way.

We have addressed basic nutrition before on The Full Windup.  So, it’s time to go back and review Basic Nutrition for Athletes.  In that post, you will learn about protein, carbohydrates, and fat and how they play a role in sports performance.  You will also review some basic guidelines about water intake to make sure you are staying well hydrated.  When you are done with that post, be sure to also check out Alcohol and Performance and learn about the affect alcohol can have on your body and your performance goals.

Just start with the basics.  Don’t worry about supplements or what is the exact food you should eat for breakfast.  Just like baseball itself, you cannot learn the finer intricacies of the game until you learn the fundamentals.  It’s the same with nutrition.  Get down the basics first and work to make solid progress day in and day out.

Good luck.

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Phil Tognetti, CSCS

Phil Tognetti, CSCS, is the founder and editor of The Full Windup. He has written the eBook ARMing for Success which teaches players and coaches how to set up a proper throwing program. You can learn more about him here and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.