More Baseball Content You Should Be Reading

Baseball Blogs You Should Be Reading

In the last installment discussing online baseball resources, we gave you six websites to help you better your game and feed the appetite of the fan inside you.  We did some more digging, searching, and web surfing to bring you four more quality websites and blogs to help you learn the ins and outs of the game.  Expand your knowledge of the rules, view the game from inside the clubhouse, and everything in between.

Rulebook Guru –

The Rulebook Guru is a current umpire and former baseball coach who uses his website to teach the rules of the game.  We all know the basics, but often misinterpret the rules regarding running out of the baseline, owning the batter’s box, and foul tips.  The Rulebook Guru helps clear it all up for you.  If that’s not enough, his other website (The Rulebook Edge) teaches coaches that knowing the rules can give you a competitive advantage and how to deal with umpires.  Don’t assume that you know the rules.  Learn them and use them to your advantage.  Be sure to check him out on Facebook and Twitter too.

Baseball Around the Clock –

Sam Flamont is the creator and writer of Baseball Around the Clock and he does a great job discussing baseball knowledge, new drills, hitting philosophy, and motivational approaches.  Furthermore, he is currently the hitting coach at Davenport University, an NAIA school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Sam passes along his knowledge of the game by using his experiences as a former player and a current coach.  There is a ton of content on this site, so make sure you reach back into the archives for some quality baseball instruction.  Don’t forget to like the Facebook page also!

Dirk Hayhurst –

Dirk Hayhurst may be a big leaguer now, but there was a time that he was a self-professed “non-prospect.”  His popular book, The Bullpen Gospels, has proven to be a great read and is highly touted in baseball circles as well as in the non-baseball community.  Currently with the Tampa Bay Rays, his book details his journey through the minor leagues, and his blog picks up where the book ends by continuing to give a behind-the-scenes look at being a baseball player who doesn’t let the game define who he is.  Get over to his site and take it all in.  Be careful though.  His content is protected by the “ferocious mystical beast,” The Garfoose.  To get your daily dose of Dirk, follow him on Twitter.

Inside the Clubhouse –

You younger ballplayers out there might not realize it, but just about every baseball team at the college level and higher has a man behind the scenes that is extremely vital to the day-to-day operations of the team.  However,  he never gets his name in the paper or the gratitude from ballplayers he deserves.  In fact, he’s more likely to be told he screwed up than be thanked for how good of a job he has done.  This guy is the team clubhouse manager, or clubbie.  Jeff Perro is the clubhouse manager for the AA Birmingham Barons.  His blog, Inside the Clubhouse, provides stories and photos of the daily musings of a minor league clubbie.  If you are looking for a different angle that isn’t from a player or coach’s perspective, this is the blog for you.  You know what happens on the field, now see what goes on inside the clubhouse.

Any Others?

It’s time to get click happy.  Start visiting all the links in this post and be sure to bookmark them for easy use in the future.  Learn the game, love the game, and respect the game by learning what it’s truly all about.

Now it’s your turn.  Use the comments section below to let us know what we missed.  Tell us what your favorite baseball sites are.  Enjoy!

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