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Baseball Stuff You Should Read: 4/5/13

Here’s this month’s installment of baseball stuff you should read:

Mariana BichetteMariana Bichette is a baseball wife (Dante Bichette) and mom whose been in the baseball trenches long enough to know the ropes. She recently started a blog to share her thoughts and experiences with other families who claim sons as baseball players. If you are a baseball parent, this is a blog you need to follow. And if you think your kid is the best player in the country but just can’t catch a break, maybe it’s time to really evaluate his skills.

6 Superior Baseball Conditioning RoutinesThis is one of my recent articles on and addresses a variety of conditioning drills that baseball players and coaches can incorporate into workouts or post-practice. Long distance running for the ballplayer is dead. Check these out instead!

39 Lessons for Little League PitchersPhil Rosengren is doing some great things over at and this article on lessons for Little League pitchers struck a chord with me – maybe because I was a pitcher. My favorite lesson he listed is number 15 – “Any day you get to suit up and play baseball is a blessing.” If you are a Little League parent or coach, it would do you good to check out this article.

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